Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 142

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 142 – Shawn believed the Hunts were unbelievable.

Their shamelessness was on a whole new level. “Serenity, I got your conversation with them on tape,” Jasmine said.
“I‘ll send the voice recording to you in case they make things up about you again online.”

Serenity gave her best friend the thumbs up. The Hunts got her so riled up that it slipped her mind to record on
her phone. “Shawn, aren‘t you going to work?” After sending the voice recording to her best friend , Jasmine realized
her cousin was still at the shop.

She urged him to hurry to work. Reluctant to leave , Shawn uttered, “I‘m working in my family‘s company. It
doesn‘t make a difference if I‘m a little late.” “All the more you should put in the effort and abide by the
company‘s rules and regulations since you‘re working in your family‘s company.

Set a good example so no one can find fault with you. Hurry along now. You‘ll get it if Aunt Rachel finds
out you‘re not in the office.” As Shawn was the firstborn, Jasmine‘s aunt and uncle had high expectations
of him to eventually take over the family business.

Serenity chimed in, “Shawn, you should rush to work. It‘ll be time to clock out if you don‘t leave now. Although
Shawn grumbled and whined , he grabbed his car keys and walked out while reminding Serenity,” Serenity,
don‘t forget to buy me dinner.”

“Got it. When did I ever break my promise to you?” Shawn left the bookshop reluctantly. With Shawn gone, the
bookshop resumed its former peace. Jasmine proceeded to read novels while Serenity worked on her crafts.

She put away her tools when noon was approaching as school was out for the day. Meanwhile, after business–related
discussions ended in the CEO‘s office at York Corporation, Josh casually brought up, “Mr. York, I got word that the
missus‘ relatives made quite an entrance when they turned up at her shop.

The lot of them came in a few cars.” Zachary‘s dark eyes glistened, but he kept a straight face. Without lifting his chin,
he said saintly, “Serenity is her own woman. It‘s not like those people can get their way even if they show up since she
has a leg to stand on.”

Seeing that his boss was not the least bit worried, Josh sensibly changed the subject It had only been a short while
since their marriage. His boss was detached in nature, so it was likely Serenity needed more time to win his boss‘s heart.

Oh, Serenity! The battle is far from over. You need to keep going! ‘You can do “Lunch together?” Zachary put his signature on the
paperwork before putting down his pen. He glanced at Josh and declined the r Josh was speechless.

“You‘re nosy like a woman. I prefer silence.” Josh was dumbfounded , to say the least. How was Josh supposed to gather
intel for Zachary if he did not pry into others people’s

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