Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 141

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 141 – Serenity chuckled and said, “I heard Granddad and Grandma are
doing weld in the hospital; eating well, sleeping well, and coming down on me pretty hard too.

They don‘t seem to think they‘re in the wrong. Are you sure they want to apologize to me?” Mike wanted to
jump to his grandparents‘ defense, but no words came out of his mouth.

Grandmom and Granddad did not genuinely accept their faults. Instead, the Hunt family persuaded them
to do so. The family wanted to put everything behind them before things got more out of hand for them.

With both parties‘ reconciliation, the public interest would soon wane and they would be distracted by the
latest trending news. It would not be long before the netizens forgot about the Hunts, and the family
would have their peace back.

If there was one thing the Hunts learned, it was that the internet was a powerful force that worked like a
double edged sword. While the internet could be a tool to attack someone, those who abused it would
suffer devastating consequences when their actions backfired on them.

“Now, if there‘s nothing, I‘d like you all to leave. Don‘t crowd my place and get in the way of my business.‘
Serenity showed them the door, refusing to engage with them any further. The Hunt boys scowled.

Standing in a corner, Jasmine and Shawn gave them a warning look. A while later, John said, “Serenity
, you should learn to forgive and forget. Don‘t burn your bridges.” Turning on his heel, John walked out.

John was the brightest among his family members in the same age group. In fact, he was the most
accomplished out of everybody in his town. Praise and flattery followed him everywhere back in his hometown.

With Serenity putting him in the spot, John was not going to stand there and take the humiliation. John resented
Serenity and believed she had no regard for family. They were cousins, for goodness‘ sake! The whole family was close
when Serenity‘s parents were still around.

However, Serenity and Liberty started clashing with the rest of the family after the passing of their parents.
Serenity would jump at John‘s throat if she knew what was on his mind.

The Hunts knew better than anyone else the reason Serenity and Liberty drifted apart from them. He sure had the
nerve to put the blame on the sisters! The Hunt brothers and cousins drove away in their cars. Apart from Noel who
was too young to get a driving license, the rest brought their own vehicle.

There were a total of seven cars. In the same fashion they came, it was quite a bustle when they left too.
The cheapest car among them cost two to three hundred thousand dollars.

John drove a Mercedes Benz worth over a million bucks. “They‘re unbelievable , Serenity. Don‘t be quick to kiss
and make up. Let them sit in dread for days and dwell in their undoing before you consider a reconciliation.

Otherwise, they‘ll take you for a pushover and think that a fake apology could cancel out all the bad they‘ve
done to you. They will still try to take advantage of you the next time.”

Having read Serenity‘s post on Twitter , Shawn‘s heart went out to Serenity. Shawn hated himself for his being
young as he had only entered the workforce was incapable of being shoulder Serenity could lean Oni yet If he
had the influence, status, and finesse possessed by the heir of the York’s, a living hell.

“I won‘t patch things up with them so easily. It‘s not like they genuinely want to The Hunts did not think they
were in the wrong the whole time.

They believed her too. Since Old Mr. and Mrs. Hunt occupied Serenity‘s family home, it gave an illusio that
Serenity‘s family should be responsible for the old folks. Serenity‘s family As for whatever happened in
the past, the Hunts chose to forget about it.

“Honestly, I wouldn‘t believe such people exist in the world if I hadn‘t seen and Jasmine had never seen
anything like it. It was mind blowing:

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