Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 140

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 140 – Serenity‘s youngest cousin was only seventeen or eighteen years old.

It was the age whereby impulse and hot–bloodedness reigned supreme. He had a horrible temper too.
When Serenity refused to go to the hospital or delete the post, he got angry and threatened to
smash her bookstore.

Serenity looked at him coldly. “Don‘t you dare!” Her eyes were stern and cold, and her icy words carried a
domineering aura that made the Hunt brothers shrink for no reason. “Noah.”

Mike turned his head to glare at the youngest cousin. When the latter did not dare to speak up anymore,
he looked at Serenity and smiled. “Serenity, don‘t be mad at Noah. That‘s just the way he talks.

“Like what John said earlier, we‘re still cousins with close blood relations. No matter what, we‘re family.
Will you benefit by humiliating us? We were wrong in this matter, so we apologize to you.

Let bygones be bygones, okay? “You don‘t need to pay any money. We only ask that you go visit Grandma.
She really wants to see you. These days, Grandma and Granddad have been blaming themselves for
doing so many heartless things to you before.

They said that they had let your parents down, “Serenity, we‘re not saints, so we all make mistakes. The important
thing is that we acknowledge our mistakes. Our grandparents are old and know they were at fault.

Just give them the chance to correct their mistakes and apologize to you.” Only when they pulled out
the emotion card and both sides made up would Serenity delete the post and end the matter.

Even if they wanted money, they could not ask for it now and could only give up. In fact, they all regretted it.
If they had known that Serenity was so tough and fierce enough to air the family‘s dirty laundry in
retaliation, they would have never have used this trick.

They ended up being dealt a heavy blow. They were of the opinion that the Hunt sisters cared about
their reputation, and that no one would come to the sisters‘ aid.

However, they never imagined that so many people would help Serenity and Liberty when the situation
was reversed. Instead, they became the ones who were beaten up like dogs.

With their family conditions and their income, each of them only needed to chip in a little to cover for their
grandmother‘s medical expenses. Even if they did not, their grandparents had hundreds of thousands in
savings, whidiwas enough to pay the medical bills.

They simply did not want to spend their own money and wanted to make the H In the end… the losses
outweighed the gains. Actually, no; they did not gain anything at all except for a face full of dust.

They had no choice but to go to Serenity in person, apologize to her, and beg her to let them go.
Even if they hated her so much that their teeth ached, they could only find a w over.
On the surface, they had to act as if they were trying to make peace with her.

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