Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 137

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 137 – When Serenity got back to her store, she saw Shawn there.

She smiled at and greeted him. “Shawn, don‘t you have work today?” Shawn looked at
her with adoration hidden deep in his eyes and said, “I worked overtime last night,
so I can go in a little later today.

How come you‘re late today?” He asked seemingly casually, but in fact, he wanted to inquire
about Serenity‘ s recent situation with her husband Jasmine said that Serenity‘s husband
had helped to suppress the trending search and even accompanied her back to her
hometown to collect evidence for the counterattack, so Serenity was grateful to him.

Shawn thought, ‘I also want to help Serenity, but she didn‘t give me a chance to. I called
her that day, but she didn‘t answer the phone.‘

She had only sent him a message saying that she was fine afterward “There was a pretty lady
asking for help on my way here. I was late because I lent her a hand. Oh, that smells good.

What are you eating, Jasmine? ”Serenity was planning on going to the cashier to sit down
when she smelled the aroma. She spun on her heel and walked to the small kitchen.

Shawn followed her, wanting to catch up to her and hug her in his arms. However, he had no
guts to do so. He was not brazen enough to so much as flirt with her because he perceived his
accomplishments had yet to warrant such a bold act.

He loved her and therefore he had to respect her. Even if he wanted to be close to her, hug
her, or even kiss her, he had to suppress it desperately because she was now married.

His heart clenched in pain at that thought. In Serenity‘s eyes, he was just a younger brother.
Even if she needed a man for a flash marriage, she would never consider him.

When Jasmine remained silent, Shawn said to Serenity, “I brought some food from home for
you and Jas to eat.” He sent a loving breakfast to Serenity and Jasmine.

The Lowe family was wealthy too, and the chef at home was from a five–star hotel.
The family paid him handsomely to cook for them since his food was especially delicious.

Furthermore, since all three of them were child hood friends, he was familiar with their preferences.
“Lucky me.” Serenity enjoyed with Jasmine the food brought by Shawn Shawn watched the two
ladies eat with relish, and he could not stop the grin forming at the corners of his mouth.

He asked with a smile , “Serenity , when are you free to invite me to a meal?” “This Saturday.
I‘ll treat you to lunch. What do you want to eat? Jasmine, join u family about when you
would get married if you stay home, so why not come o Jasmine readily agreed, “Sure.”

She was also afraid to stay at home and get an earful from her parents during Her mother
wanted her to marry into a rich family to enjoy glory and wealth like “There‘s a restaurant
with good food next to Beans and Cream.

The place is ‘of coffee. After all, that‘s the most high–class café in the city.” The last time Serenity
accompanied her friend to a blind date at Beans and Cream, she felt that it had a pleasant ambiance, but she did

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