Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 135

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 135 – “Good. It‘s best if they all lose their jobs
and then get cursed to death by everyone.

Let them have a taste of what Internet violence is like. They‘re completely inhumane.”
Although Elisa was a little unruly, she was still somewhat virtuous.

Furthermore , she was very fond of Serenity, so she was willing to avenge Serenity.
Think of it as returning the favor. ‘After all, it‘s because she sent me to York
Corporation that I was able to see Zachary today. He even talked to me.

“Clive, I‘m going home to accompany Mom. You get back to work,” Elisa was done
talking and hung up the phone. She did not want to take up more of her
brother‘s precious time.

The old Stone residence was not far from the old York residence, but they were on
different routes. If they were on the same route, Elisa would have blocked
Zachary‘s car on his way home.

Well, Zachary rarely went back to the old York residence anyway, so it would be hard for
her to block the road even if they were on the same path.

As the second most powerful family in Wilt spoon, the old Stone residence was
very well restored and spanned a huge area.

The York residence was built in the style of a manor, and the Stone family followed
suit to build their home the same way.

In a magnificent hall, a middle– aged woman sat on the sofa while holding a photo
in her hand. Her eyes stared stilly at the photo for a long time.

Elisa walked into this scene and took the photo from her mother‘s hand when she approached .
She said, “Mom, don‘t keep staring at this photo all day.

If Aunt is alive, we‘ll definitely find her. Cheer up. Don‘t be depressed and worried all the time.”
Darrell brought over a glass of water. He heard what his daughter had to sayand echoed, “Elisa is right, honey.

Don‘t keep looking at the photo. We‘ve arranged for many people to look for your sister. I believe we‘ll
get news about her soon.” He handed the glass to his wife.

When the couple was young, they were busy with work and did not have much time to spend
together. When Clive took over, Darrell retired and wanted to spend time with his wife as well
as live out their old age peacefully.

He did not expect his wife to be constantly depressed as of late because of his sister in law whom he had never
met. Darrell was worried and anxious for Audrey‘s behavior, but there was nothing he could do.

The two sisters had been separated for a long time, and his sister–in–law might have forgotten
that she had a sister. She was handed over from on e family to another, so no one knew which
home she landed in.

The other halo the photo might not even be in her hands anymore. It was difficult to find
someone by using just a picture.

Audrey accepted the glass of water handed to her by her husband, took a sip, and then
retrieved the photo from her daughter‘s hand. She put the glass down, carefully returned
the photo back into an album, and closed it with a sigh.

“These days, I keep having nightmares of my sister being beaten and scolded. She had a miserable life.”
“That‘s because you keep thinking about it all day.

” Elisa sat downmix to her mother and held the latter‘s arm affectionately. “Mom, the weather sweetly.
“So you don‘t have to go and block Zachary‘s route every day?” Audrey nudge “The pursuit of true
love can‘t be accomplished in a dayor two.

I also have thobe filial to my mother. Come on, Mom. Come with me to the beach for a holiday Darrell
chimed in, “Go out and take a break, honey.

Don‘t coop up at home wit Ever since Audrey could afford it, she had never stopped looking for
her only sister. Although her son took over and continued the search, Darrell did not hold out

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