Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 134

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 134 – “I ate in the car.”

Josh was speechless. “By the way, I saw something interesting earlier. Do you want to hear about it
?” Zachary gave him a look and walked ahead.

His handsome face remained expressionless, and his lips pursed into a line as he stayed silent.
Josh hated that attitude, but he could not stop his chatty mouth from saying, “

I arrived early and just so happened saw your missus send Ms. Stone here, so I stopped to
figure out what was going on.

“Before your car arrived at the company, your missus and Ms. Stone chatted rather amicably.
Boss, your wife and admirer seem to like each other and are ready to be good friends.

What do you think of it?” Zachary could not be bothered to even look at Josh, so he simply entered the
elevator , leaving behind the chatty administrative executive.

Josh did not get angry either and chuckled in his heart,‘ This will definitely be the drama–of–the–year.‘
He really wanted to know what Serenity Hunt would do if his boss‘s identity was revealed one day.

Remembering how Elisa ran over to send him flowers and breakfast again, Zachary called Clive
and said coldly, “Mr. Stone, manage your sister well, or don‘t blame me for being impolite.”

There was a limit to his patience. Clive had a headache. “Mr. York, Elisa didn‘t do anything out
of line either. She just likes you and is trying to pursue you.

I‘ve advised her countless times, but what am I supposed to do? Break her legs?”
He really could not do anything about his sister.

Even if he got people to watch her, she would find a way to lose them. “Zachary, you and
I are about the same age. I‘ve been married for several years, but you only have one suitor.

Since my sister is the first one to woo you, just… be patient with her.” Zachary hung up
immediately. He knew what kind of person Elisa was.

Even if he ignored her or acted rudely toward her, she would bounce back up. Unless she
actually broke her legs, not even ruining her reputation would make her give up.

Clive‘s expression fell after the call ended. He could not help but call his sister and lecture her again
. Elisa was already on her way home by taxi. “Clive, I‘m on my way home.

I didn‘t do anything shocking today. My IQ is limited, so I can‘t think of anything extraordinary.”
“…If you would spend the effort you put into chasing after Zachary to accompany Mom instead, she‘
d be so much happier.”

“I do spend time with Mom, but she‘s suffering from an illness of the mind, which requires
medicine for the heart. It‘s true that I‘m her darling, but I‘m not her medicine.”

Audrey‘s wish was to find her sister who had been separated for decades. Her sister had gone through
many families in the system, and Audrey no longer knew where she could be.

All Audrey wanted was to reunite with her sister in this lifetime. “By the way, I need your
help with something,” Elisa asked Clive.

“What is it?” As long as she did not ask him to help her find a way to pursue Zachary, he was
quite willing to help his sister.

“I met a girl earlier, Serenity Hunt. She made quite a good impression on me, a relatives
went too far. Can you just dismiss that what‘s – his – name Hunt guy? Don‘t let him
affect the reputation of our company.”

Clive said indifferently, “There‘s no need for your brother to handle something “Did someone
already get to him?” “I didn’t do anything. He was probably already suspended from his duties.”

His subordinates would handle the matter. John was only serving in a branch company. Although
he was capable , the incident blew up and revealed his true colors Clive has

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