Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 132

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 132 – Elisa did not want to owe Serenity a favor,
but also because she felt she could hit it off with Serenity.

Thus, she gave the latter her business card. Serenity also saw the line of luxury cars
and said understandingly, “You should d get going, Ms. Stone. I wish you all the best.”

“Thank you.” Elisa hugged the bouquet and carried the insulated lunch box. Instead of running
toward the luxury cars, she went straight to the building‘s entrance and stood in the middle
of the gate.

Serenity was dumbfounded. Ms. Stone was truly formidable. Zachary was late to arrive at the office
Although he left early today, he had to drop by the villa to get something.

After leaving the villa, the car drove for a short while before getting stuck in a traffic jam.
Regardless of the car one drove or the people in the car, it was equal in the eyes of
a morning rush congestion; nobody could get away with it.

The bodyguard sitting in the passenger seat happened to be Jim, who had brilliant eyesight.
He saw Serenity at a glance and immediately turned around to Zachary and said,

“Mr. Zachary, the Missus and Ms. Stone are together.” Zachary frowned. ‘How did they end up

They did not even know each other. : He looked ahead. He could not recognize
Elisa, but he recognized Serenity.

After all, they lived in the same house for a period of time and even shared a kiss before.
He would have to poke his own eyes out if he still could not recognize her.

“Ignore them,” he said in a low voice, leaning his body back in the car seat. Their distance grew
closer by the second.

Jim was afraid of being identified by Serenity and looked away deliberately,
so the woman could not see his face.

The motorcade did not stop in front of Serenity. She watched the convoy drive ahead and
sighed in her heart. For some reason, the Rolls Royce looked a little familiar.

It was like the one she saw several times in the neighborhood. However, when she recalled
Mr. York‘s identity, she automatically wrote of the possibility of the car being the same
one she saw in her neighborhood.

She watched as the motorcade finally stopped in front of the fearless Elisa and smiled to
herself. It was said that women feared being pestered by men, but that was also true on the contrary.

‘Elisa is bold and dauntless. I believe she‘ll soon win over Mr. York.‘ Serenity made a cheering
motion toward Elisa, then made a detour with her e–bike and left.

While in the car, Zachary turned away from her as well, not wanting his wife to passed by Serenity,
he turned his head to see her pumping her fist toward Elis mouthful of blood.

It was no wonder he did not see Elisa‘s car.

She was able to rush here to Stan However, how did they meet? Judging by how Serenity
cheered Elisa on with her fist pump, that must mean Elisa was born into the peak of
luxury, and she was loved by everyone in her look at the other daughters of the Stone family.

How did she befriend Serenity? Zachary was baffled

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