Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 129

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 129 – “You‘re a manager in the company, yet you barely have the
chance to meet your boss.

Your boss is truly… unattainable and mysterious,” Serenity said. There were no photos of Mr. York on
the internet. Mr. York was followed around by a security squad. Last time at the dinner party,

there were so many tall and brawny bodyguards surrounding him to the point where Serenity
and Jasmine could not catch a glimpse of Mr. York‘s face even when they tiptoed.

Now knowing that Zachary who was a white– collar employee in York Corporation and yet he rarely saw
Mr. York, Serenity felt much better about herself. Zachary did not carry on with the conversation.

He did not care what others say about him and acted according to his own wishes.
The couple chatted about Mr. York and returned to their block Zachary‘s bodyguards
wandered nearby.

Although they did not follow Zachary and Serenity closely, the guards were always watching the young couple an
d kept them within range of vision, wherever they went. Of course, Serenity did not know that she was being
watched this whole time.

Serenity turned her head and inadvertently saw a bodyguard wandering not far away. She thought he looked
familiar, so she stopped and said to Zachary,” That man looks very familiar.” Zachary was stunned.

That was his bodyguard, Jim. Jim was also surprised when he saw Serenity and Zachary looking right at him.
He quickly regained his senses and walked over as if nothing was wrong.

“Aren‘t you the driver from that night?” Serenity recalled when she had seen him.This familiar– looking
man was the driver who sent Zachary home when Zachary was drunk that night.

“Yup, that‘s me,” Jim replied. Serenity had good eyesight and memory. “Do you also live around here?”
“Yeah, but I‘m renting the place. Usually I‘d drive for the car– hailing service, and occasionally
I‘m a driver for hire when they‘re under the influence.”

“Oh, okay.” Although Serenity remembered this driver, she was unfamiliar with him and only greeted
him today since they had met previously. She did not ponder on this matter.

Zachary glanced at Jim, who instantly understood the meaning behind his boss‘s look.
In the future, Jim would have to be discreet while tailing Zachary in public so as not
to be seen by Serenity because it would indirectly reveal his identity.

If that happened, Jim would not be able to afford the consequences. Back at home, Serenity sat
on the swing out of habit while Zachary went back They did not talk again that night.

The next day, Zachary was about to leave when Serenity was just done makin Zachary tugged at
his tie. Serenity noticed that was the tie she gifted him.

She thought he would not like or even wear it. To her surprise, he wore it today “I have an early
meeting today, and I can‘t be late. I’m afraid of getting stuck in already made it.

Don‘t order takeout. I‘ll pack it for you so you can take it to yo Zachary hesitated for a while as
he could not bear to reject her kind offer, espy every day were delectable.

Serenity brought out an insulated lunch box and she filled it with sandwiches, a boiled egg, and
some salad. She covered it before handing it over to Zachary. work on an empty stomach.” “Okay.“

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