Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 128

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 128 – Zachary was speechless again.

He had no idea what he should talk with her about. The young couples around them were newlyweds
and behaving intimately , interlocking their fingers as they walked together.

The couples with children were focused on their kids, so they had more things to talk about; unlike
them, who had neither feelings nor children. It was an onerous task for them to chat.

Seeing that Zachary was at a loss for words again, Serenity smiled and stood up, before pulling
him up too.” Let’s go back so you won’t feel uncomfortable, wondering if I’ll jump you at any moment.”

“Serenity, you’re a girl!” “So what if I’m a girl? I’m just saying…” Serenity pulled him away, but she
only pulled on his sleeve without touching his hand for fear he might wash his hands a hundred
times when he got home.

“Didn’t you see the trending story two days ago? It was about Ms. Stone and Mr. York. Ms. Stone
really likes him, so she confessed to him and wooed him openly.

Men will pursue the women they like, and women will do the same because everyone’s in pursuit
of true love. “I admire Ms. Stone for that. She had indirectly helped me.

Although she doesn’t know who I am, I’ll silently pray for her and wish her the best of luck
in pursuing her true love. I hope she succeeds and gets to marry Mr. York.

She’s pursuing Mr. York rather aggressively now. Once she’s with him, I’m certain Mr. York will spoil her silly.”
Elisa unknowingly suppressed the “ungrateful granddaughter “trending story and reduced the impact
the tweet had on Serenity and Liberty.

Thus, Serenity had a good impression of Elisa. Moreover, Elisa’s bold character made Serenity admire her even more.
When Zachary heard what his wife just said, he almost rolled his eyes. He thought silently, ‘If you find out that Mr.

York is your husband, will you still say such a thing?’ “Mr. York doesn’t like Ms. Stone,” Zachary explained
himself, lest Serenity tried to pair him and Elisa up.

“Apart from falling in love at first sight, most people won’t feel that they’ll fall in love with their other
half. Love is about pursuing each other and slowly getting to know one another. Once they grow
closer, mutual admiration and feelings will surely develop gradually.

“Feelings need to be cultivated. Mr. York and Ms. Stone are a good match for each other since they’re from the
same social class. If the two of them can get together, they’ll certainly be a match made in heaven!”

“I work in York Corporation. I know that our boss always brings his bodyguards everywhere and
won’t allow young women to approach him. He doesn’t like young women.

Besides, our company and the Stone Group aren’t exactly on good terms, so how could our boss
be with Ms. Stone?” After marriage, Serenity had never asked about Zachary’s position in his
company and how much he was earning monthly.

After all, they were just husband and wife by law and might not last long, so why bother? Of course,
if Zachary raised the subject about his job, Serenity would gladly gossip about what kind of person his boss was.

“Have you met your boss? You share the same last name as him, so it’s easy for others to mistake you
as your boss’s relative.”

Serenity smiled and added, “Jasmine suspected you’re related to that particular Mr. York several times,
but I told her that she has read too many novels for her to mix up fiction with reality.

The female lead always ends up marrying a billionaire at first sight. “Every man must be a billionaire if
it was that easy to marry one! Zachary murmured in his heart, ‘Ms. Sox has a good eye…’

Jasmine was no doubt from a rich family. To ordinary people, the Saxes were rich and were
considered a local tycoon. They could earn hundreds of thousands a month by collecting
rent monthly.

It was only because the Saxes had such a background that Aunt Rachel could marry into an affluent family.
Zachary made a mental note that if he were to attend a dinner party again, he would have to steer
clear of the Saxes and the Lowes as he did not want them to expose his identity to Serenity.

He was the head of the York’s who were the richest family in Wilt spoon, and he wanted to reveal his
true identity to Serenity himself without anyone else getting in way.

“Our boss is very busy. It’s hard for me to see him unless it’s for a meeting. After all, I’m not in the
top management of the company. Even if I were to attend a meeting, I’ll be seated at the end of the table.

My eyesight isn’t great either, so I can’t see his face clearly.”

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