Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 118

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 118 – Nana heard that Serenity was inquiring about Zachary‘s
hobbies and saw hope in the couple‘s future.

She happily told Serenity about her eldest grandson‘s preferences and even private things like his favorite color of
underwear. Zachary‘s clothes were all tailored and delivered to the door once they were finished .

Grandma May saw them and therefore knew what color underwear Zachary liked to wear.
“Siren, there aren‘t many things that Zachary likes, so you don‘t need to think too much
about it.

Just buy him some clothes. I‘ll tell you his size.” “What if he doesn‘t like what I bought?” The old lady smiled.
“It‘s the thought that counts. It‘s his business whether he wears it or not, but I think he‘ll definitely wear it.”

That boy liked to hide his feelings. He might show his dislike for the clothes that his wife bought for him,
but he would still wear them to the office and show them off.

Even though Grandma May was no longer in charge of the company‘s affairs, she still had ways to find out
about what was going on in the office Zachary had been showing off the benefits of having a wife in front of Josh

Hearing Nana‘s words, Serenity decided to buy two sets of new clothes and two ties for Zachary.
Serenity checked her wallet and could not afford to cater to Zachary‘s rare preferences.

She was always true to herself and did things within her means. She would never pretend to be rich.
After wrapping up her work at noon and having lunch, Serenity rode her e– bike to the mall to
buy Zachary some clothes.

She also took Liberty and Sonny home on the way to the mall. “Liberty , Hank might quarrel with
you again when you get back.” When they were busy at the store earlier, Hank called Liberty
and asked her why she did not cook for him.

Serenity heard Liberty‘s reply. Needless to think, Serenity knew how angry Hank must be after being used to Liberty‘s
royal treatment all those years. Liberty was silent for a while before she said, “Since I did this, I‘m not afraid
of getting into a fight with him.

“Siren, if I get a divorce one day and need your help, you have to help me. But don‘t worry, I‘ll stand back up
again.” Liberty needed her sister in terms of finances.

However, she would be borrowing money and would not allow Serenity to just give it to her. When
she could stand on her own feet again, she would repay her sister. “Liberty, don‘t say that.

Your business is my business. I‘ll stand by you no matter what you decide. Zachary also said that you can
go to him if you need his help. He just doesn‘t like to deal with Hank.”

“Zachary is a good man. You should cherish him and manage your small family well. Don‘t follow in my
footsteps. What I regret most is listening to Hank‘s nonsense and believing that he‘ll support me forever.

That‘s why I left the workplace and became a housewife. It turns out that it‘s all bullish*t!” “I‘ll cherish him.”
Serenity sent Liberty home and insisted on taking her upstairs. Ji Hank dared to be rough with Liberty,
Serenity would fight him.

After a few minutes, Liberty opened the door and entered the house with Serenity and her son, who
had fallen asleep halfway into the journey. “Where the hell did you go? Why are you only back
now? ! thought…Oh, Siren! You‘re here, too.”

Hank wore an apron and came out of the kitchen with a spatula in his hand. His face was extremely glum.
He wanted to scold his wife, but when he saw his sister–in law, he swallowed those reproachful words.

“Hank, you haven‘t had lunch?” Serenity asked knowingly. Hank glared at his wife, but Liberty pretended not to
see it. She carried her son back to the room. Hank complained to his sister–in–law.

“Seren, look at your sister! All she does is care for Sonny and doesn‘t do anything else at home. I have to cook for
myself when I come back from work.

What‘s the point of having a wife?!” IL Serenity was furious when she heard this. Hank married her sister to be his
nanny for free!

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