Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 117

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 117 – Serenity tucked her phone into her pants pocket and was
about to go back into the store when she saw her sister coming out of the store.

“Liberty, where are you going?” “I‘m going to get some ingredients to cook for you girls. Don‘t order takeout
for lunch. It‘s not good for your health to eat too much takeout. “Siren, keep an eye on Sonny.”

Serenity did not stop her sister from getting ingredients and cooking for them. She just told Liberty to be
careful on the road.

Serenity did not drive her new car to work and rode her e bike as usual because it was convenient and fast.

She was afraid of being stuck on the road during rush hour. “Liberty, I‘ll transfer some money to you.”
Serenity did not want her sister to use the food expenses her husband gave on them, so she sent
Liberty some money.

Liberty rode the e bike to the market. She still had money herself to buy food for her sister. After watching
Liberty leave, Serenity returned to the store.

It was not the first time Sonny came to the store, and he was also familiar with Jasmine, so he did not cry
or cause trouble when his mother left him. However, the little boy walked all around the store and
touched the books and pens that he could reach.

His curiosity was piqued. “Did your husband call?” Jasmine winked at her. “He must have missed you
to call you during work hours.” “He called to ask if my money–hungry relatives contacted me.”

Jasmine said, “Oh, that‘s only because he cares about you. Seren, you should perhaps consider a real
relationship with Mr. York.” “I do think he’s a good man after being with him for so long, but we‘ll see.”

Zachary still had his guard up around Serenity and resisted her approach. She did not want to be aggressive,
so she would just go with the flow.

Serenity thought about the light kiss this morning with neither of them taking it a step further
and was surprised.

She felt like she struck gold because Zachary was so innocent in that aspect. It was rare for a man of
his age to be so innocent. This also proved that Zachary was indifferent to relationships. No wonder
his grandmother had to use so much effort to pair them up.

Without Nana‘s involvement and with Zachary‘s temperament, Zachary would be blessed if
he could get married at the age of fifty. “Jasmine, what are good gifts for men?”

“Do you want to give your man a gift?” “He helped me so much, so I want to express my gratitude.”
Jasmine said enthusiastically, “I noticed that my mother usually buys clothes, ties, watches, and
shoes for my father.

My father likes to drink, so my mother occasionally buys a few bottles of fine wine for him.” LULU
“I don‘t know his size, and his clothes are all black. I suggested he change the color of his
wardrobe, but he shot that idea down immediately.

His face was glum, and his tone was very cold when he told me not to care about his wardrobe choices.”
Jasmine smiled. “Your man looks hard–shelled and stone –faced, so wearing a black suit makes him
even more callous.

I can tell that he must be way up there on the corporate ladder, beating countless peers. “Just think about
what he likes and give him something accordingly.” Serenity was at a loss.

The problem was that she did not know what he liked. “You can find out from Grandma May.” Jasmine reminded her friend.
Serenity thought that was a good idea, so she called and asked Grandma May.

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