Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 116

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 116 – Zachary hummed and said, “They wouldn‘t dare mess with
you again after this ordeal.” The Hunts would only regret it.

“Where do you usually go for lunch?” Serenity asked suddenly. “Outside.” Zachary replied, and then
asked back, “Do you want to invite me over for lunch?” Serenity smiled and said, “I‘ll invite you
over if you‘re free since you‘ve helped me so much.

I‘m very grateful for your help and have nothing to give in return, so let me treat you to a meal.
But don‘t choose restaurants that are too fancy. I‘m afraid I won‘t be able to afford it.”

Zachary wanted to laugh. Serenity wanted to treat him to a meal to thank him, but she was afraid
that she would not be able to afford a meal at a high– end hotel.

Was this sincerity genuine or what? “I don‘t have much free time during lunch, and there are too
many people in the nearby restaurant at that hour.

If you really want to treat me to a meal, go home early in the evening and cook a feast for me.

But don‘t overdo it since we won‘t be able to eat that much.” Zachary would never pack food for Cullum again.

Why should he pack his wife‘s cooking for Cullum? So what if Cullum was his cousin? If Cullum wanted to
eat home cooked food, he should get a wife for himself so he could eat his wife‘s home–cooked food every day.

If Callum knew what Zachary was thinking at that moment, he would say, “Zachary is indeed jealous!”
Haha, what a slap in the face! Some time ago, Zachary said that he did not know what jealousy
was and would never experience it.

Did he finally know what jealousy feels like? Serenity smiled. “Alright then. I‘ll go home early tonight to buy some
ingredients and cook up a feast for you!” “Thanks for your hard work.” Zachary did not think that it was a wife‘s
duty to cook for her husband.

Thus, he was grateful that Serenity was willing to cook for him. Both of them had to go to work and had their
own jobs, so no one had it easier than the other.

It would take both the husband and wife to work together to build a happy family, The couple
ended the call in less than five minutes.

After the call ended, Zachary looked at his phone for a moment, put it on the desk, and muttered, “Am I
possessed? What did I just do?” He suddenly called Serenity when he had free time.

Zachary was indeed possessed to do such strange things. Ring ring ring… The phone rang again. Zachary
quickly picked up his phone as he expected the call to be from Serenity.

When he saw an unknown number, he felt a fleeting disappointment and he quickly put aside that feeling.
He then answered the call from this unfamiliar number. “Zachary–” The whining voice was deliberately
coquettish and sounded very fake.

Zachary frowned upon hearing it and did not give the other party a chance to speak again. He hung up and
blocked the number because it was Elisa Stone! This woman actually managed to get his contact number.

Who gave it to her? Was it Clive? Clive did not support their relationship. Every time Elisa made a loss at the
entrance of Zachary‘s office building, Clive or his wife would personally come to pick Elisa up.

With this, Zachary was sure that Clive would not give Elisa his contact number. Zachary did not know who
betrayed him and cursed the traitor. He was disgusted by Elisa‘s bold confession and open pursuit of him.

He was unfeeling by nature. Nana said he was fine with family, but when it came to love, Zachary was just a
cold, rigid blockhead. Without Nana‘s help, he would stay single forever.

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