Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 115

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 115 –  Liberty said, “But not all men are like Hank.

Jasmine, don‘t shy away from marriage just because of my failed marriage. If you do, I‘ll feel guilty forever.”
She remembered that Serenity‘s best friend was still single and was being pushed into marriage by her family.

Jasmine smiled and said, “I know that there are scums everywhere. I just want to find someone I like whom
I can entrust my life with when I get married. I won‘t be influenced by you, Liberty.

But I‘ll be careful about the characters of my other half‘s family before I marry someone in the future.”
Jasmine‘s mother often said that marriage was not just about marrying a man, but marrying into
that man‘s family and integrating into his circle of relatives and friends. There was a lot to consider.

Jasmine glanced at her best friend and admired Serenity. Liberty clearly had a failed marriage. However, she
could not be impulsive in getting a divorce because of Sonny.

Liberty had to ensure she could make a living by herself and improve her standing to Hank‘s level
before she could get a divorce.

Serenity and Zachary got married at first sight, so neither of them knew each other before marriage.
Such a marriage required a lot of courage. Jasmine knew she would not have the courage to marry
a stranger at first sight.

At present, Zachary was better than Hank. At least, when Serenity encountered difficulties , Zachary
tried his best to help and never gave up. However, he still signed a half year agreement with Serenity.

This alone made Jasmine feel disheartened, and she was worried about her friend‘s future. Serenity did
not say anything because some things were better kept from her sister. Ring ring ring…

Serenity‘s phone rang. She picked up the phone, saw the caller ID, then handed Sonny to her sister and said,
“Zachary‘s calling.”

“I‘ll head outside to answer the call.” Serenity was afraid that her sister would overhear
their conversation and learn their secret, so she went outside to answer the phone.

Liberty just thought Serenity wanted some privacy with her husband by doing so. Serenity walked
out of the bookstore.

After making sure that she was far enough for her sister to not be within earshot, she answered Zachary‘s call.

“Mr. York, what‘s the matter?” There was silence on the other end of the line. Zachary said nothing.
Serenity thought the call was not connected, so she moved the phone away from her ear and looked
at it to make sure she answered the call.

he then asked the man over the phone, “Mr. York, are you listening? Can you hear me?”
“Mm,” Zachary finally hummed. If he did not say something, Serenity would definitely hang up.

“Mr. York, what‘s wrong?” Serenity asked again. Zachary did not know why he made the call. He just
went back to his office after a meeting and had a few minutes of free time when he made this call.

He instantly regretted it when Serenity answered the phone. That was because he did not know why
he wanted to call Serenity. “Have any of your relatives contacted you?” Zachary finally found an excuse.

“They sent me a lot of messages, but I only read a few of them and ignored the rest. They asked me to delete my
response to the tweet, and if I do, they won‘t ask us for money. In short, they didn‘t think they were at fault and
even said that I was ruthless.”

“Don‘t delete it so the public can see their true colors.” “I won‘t delete it. This time, I want them to
concede and publicly apologize to me and my sister. They need to promise not to extort us lest
something like this happens again.”

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