Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 112

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 112 – Jasmine and Serenity‘s conversation was interrupted.

When Serenity saw her sister and nephew walking in, she immediately stopped her work, stood up,
and walked around the cashier. Jasmine was quicker than Serenity.

She was already hugging and kissing the adorable Sonny. She even raised him up
high, which made the little boy laugh.

“Liberty, why are you here?” Serenity noticed that it was past ten o‘clock.

At this hour, Liberty would usually be preparing lunch at home. If Hank did not
have lunch when he got home from work, he would be complaining again.

“I was bored at home, so I came over to have a look. Sonny was also making
a fuss because he wanted to see you.”

Liberty took off her hat, wiped off the
sweat on her forehead, and said, “It‘s almost November, but it‘s still so hot!”

Wilt spoon’s fall was similar to summer, and it was not that cold in winter.
It was only cool in the morning and evening. During the day, it was still
sweltering as long as it was sunny.

“It‘s past ten o‘clock. Don‘t you have to cook, Liberty?” Serenity did not think that it
was her sister‘s duty to cook for her brother–in– law. She only asked because
most people ate at noon.

“I fed Sonny before I came here, and I brought his milk powder over, so he
can play here until the afternoon. I’ll order takeout with you later, or I can go
to the nearby market to buy some ingredients and cook for you girls in your
small kitchen.”

“As for your brother–in–law… I‘ve already measured the pasta and filled a pot
of water for him. All he has to do is boil it when he gets back. I‘ve washed
some vegetables for him and put them aside in the kitchen.

He can blanch or stir–fry them for all I care.” Jasmine heard what Liberty said and
laughed. “Liberty, are you just doing half the work for him?”

“Since we‘re going halves, we have to go halves in everything! What‘s the
point of this system if I‘m doing all the housework? He wanted to go halves
but he thought it was just limited to the expenses.”

Liberty was heartbroken because of her husband‘s recent behavior.
Therefore, she had been very firm when it came to going halves as she
wanted to get back at Hank.

That way, Hank would not dare to use this to control and threaten her in the
future. For three years of marriage , Liberty made concessions wherever she could.

She raised their son, quit her job, lost her figure, and was treated with
disrespect in return. If she did not fight back, he would think that she was a

Hank would think that Liberty was weak if she did not retaliate.
Both Serenity and Jasmine gave Liberty a thumbs up. They agreed that
Liberty should not compromise on everything Since Hank proposed going
halves, he should get a taste of his own medicine.

“Hank was so nice to Liberty back then. It hasn‘t been that long since they got
married. What an eye–opener…” Jasmine sighed.
Marriage was truly the graveyard of romance.

Single people wanted to get married, but married people wanted out.
Jasmine did not want to get married so soon. She wanted to enjoy a few
more years of freedom.

Liberty said resentfully, “My mother–in–law and sister – in–law instigated all
this. He trusts his family too much.“

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