Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 100

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 100 –  Zachary quietly handed the phone to Serenity.

With many netizens blowing up Serenity’s phone with text messages and calls, her phone was out of battery.
Serenity could at least get some peace and quiet, but her friends and family had trouble getting in touch.

“Who is it?” “Nana,” Zachary answered. Serenity took the phone and greeted, “Nana.” “I just got
online and found out about the tweet, Serenity.Are you okay? Do you need help? Just let Zachary know.

He’s been around the business world to know a lot of big CEOs. It’s a piece of cake for him to sort things out.
“Don’t feel shy to ask. You’re married. You can tell me if he doesn’t even help with this tiny favor.

I’ll beat him up.” Grandma May had only learned about it now. It was mainly because the viral story did not get far enough.
Plus, the tabloid post about Zachary and Elisa snagged the attention away from the tweet.

It did not make much of an impact either when it was retweeted by the press. Grandma found out from
Cullum that her darling granddaughter-in-law was painted in a bad light by her relatives.

“I’m alright, Nana.It’s not a big deal.I can handle it, and Zachary has been a huge help.
He has been with me the whole day.” Nana replied with a smile, “It’s good to hear that
the boy has aheart and pulls his weight as your husband.”

She had a different thought in mind though. Grandma May was counting on the days for their relationship to blossom once
the couple spent more time together. Her grandson should always be there to make Serenity’s problems disappear.

It was the perfect opportunity to develop feelings for each other. Her grandson would discover
the appeal of Serenity’s independence and unyielding self-empowerment while Serenity would
learn that her grandson had a soft touch hiding under a tough exterior.

Grandma May could not wait for the day when the young couple became real husband and wife.
That would be the time she could welcome a great-grandchild. Well, Grandma May was not
going to say that in Serenity’s face.

Grandma May hung up after checking in on Serenity without sparing a word with her own grandson.
Zachary was not a stranger to Nana’s favoritism. Since Nana had no granddaughters, she poured all the love to her only
granddaughter-in-law and spoiled Serenity rotten.

Once the other grandsons got married, Nana would probably share the love among the other granddaughters-in-law too.
After getting something to bite, Zachary drove Serenity to Liberty’s place. Hank was not home yet.

He sent a text message to Liberty, informing her that he would be home late due to a work engagement.
Liberty needed not to stay up for him and should head to bed with the kid. Liberty would not count
on her husband to help or comfort her anymore.

However, she was worried about her sister. With Serenity and Zachary here, Liberty sighed in relief.” Where were you,
Seren?” “I took a trip back to our hometown and collected some evidence in our favor.

Are you doing okay, Liberty?”. Liberty responded, “Yeah. I’ve been disconnected from the world while I took
care of Sonny over the years.I don’t go out much, so it doesn’t really affect me.

It’s been quiet since I changed my phone number. “The tweet didn’t last long on the trending list,
but it started making rounds again after the press retweeted it.

I had a former colleague who saw the post and shared the link with me, asking if the tweet is talking about us.
” Serenity was seething with rage. These people had no shame. So, the relatives were not going to let her go,
huh? “Liberty, can you bring me your diary? It’s high time we play ball.

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